ATTN: Pre-Sales Managers, CTOs, Sales Engineering Managers, Technical Sales/Pre-Sale Leaders…

Are Your Techies Killing Sales Opportunities due to poor presentation skills?

From the desk of David Duffett

One of the biggest hurdles pre-sales team leaders face is that technical team members, while highly skilled, often lack the ability to deliver compelling presentations that get enthusiastic buy-in from buyers and stakeholders.

The result is lost sales and missed opportunities for growth.

Sure, your team knows the tech inside out, but sadly that’s not enough to win over decision-makers (especially those who aren’t tech-savvy).

The thing is, it’s NOT just about knowing the technology…

It’s about being able to clearly and confidently communicate that knowledge and experience to the people holding the purse strings on the other side. And they expect more than just technical expertise – they want to be engaged, understood, persuaded and impressed.

There’s a LOT riding on it.

As you’d imagine, in my line of work, I find myself having a TON of conversations with
pre-sales/solution engineering/enterprise architect team leaders…

As part of my onboarding process, I’m always keen to ask, “What are your biggest challenges, in terms of getting a sale over the line?”

Frequently, the answers I get include:

Price sensitivity

Perceived product gaps

My people aren’t selling the value well enough

(Hmmm… are these REALLY three problems…OR just one in disguise? You’ll find my diagnosis below)

Either way, bottom line, when targets are missed or sales are lost, it’s most often the team leader who’s left stressed out and scrambling to pick up the pieces

>> Struggling to identify and fix where the problems are

>> Trying to keep good team members motivated when morale dips

>> Managing points of friction with the sales team

Worst of all, when the sales machinery malfunctions it can set off a chain reaction that puts everything at risk…. job security, promotions, cash flow, budgets and funding could all be affected.

It’s enough to make you throw your hands up in despair! (Plus or minus a few choice words I would hesitate to mention here!!)

A big part of the problem is – it’s REALLY HARD to see the label when you’re inside the jar.

For example, a bit earlier I shared how pre-sales managers commonly say that their three main issues are: price sensitivity, perceived product gaps, and “my people aren’t selling the value well enough.”

But what if I told you that, what LOOKS like 3 problems… could, in reality, be really just ONE problem?

  Let me explain…

So, picture this:

The sales team sets up a meeting. The prospective client is interested – but needs to get a handle on the tech to figure out if it’s the right move. So far, so good.

One of your best geeks goes in to bat for the team.

But the presentation falls flat..

…your knowledgeable techie struggles to engage the potential buyer, stumbling over key points, and missing signs that the meeting is going off the rails.

Feedback comes in…

The customer is now saying: “The price is too high,” and “There are gaps in the product.”

As a result, you’re in the firing line (again) and despondently thinking: “My people aren’t selling the value well enough.”

The whole deal is ready to fall apart.

But, wait a minute…

…is that really 3 problems or, in reality, just ONE problem?

WHAT IF the reason the client objections even came up in the first place was because your pre-sales team member (despite their best intentions and efforts) simply didn’t have the presentation skills and training to clearly and confidently CONVEY and REINFORCE the full value of the offer, thereby defusing any objections BEFORE they even arise?

Imagine how differently things would have gone if your techies could:

Confidently engage with potential buyers and decision-makers, leaving them impressed and eager to invest

Lean into their expertise, feeling strong, confident and valued… part of a vibrant, cohesive, and highly motivated team

Become presentation pros-well-known within the industry, regularly bringing in kudos and opportunities that drive your whole organization forward

Deliver captivating and persuasive presentations like clockwork, in a way that resonates and effortlessly

Then, instead of being the one left dealing with a high-stakes fallout zone, feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders — you’d be the one basking in the warm glow of your enviable reputation for running a team that’s known for reliably getting deals across the line, time after time.

The good news is, making this your reality could be closer than you think…

Meet David Duffet

Hi, I’m David Duffet! I’m a geek who has been publicly speaking and teaching other geeks how to deliver awesome presentations for 25+ years… from London to Los Angeles, Berlin to Beirut, Kingston to Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai to Melbourne, and beyond!

I’m proud to have earned the trust and respect of clients and industry professionals worldwide-and also honored to have been the longest serving Worldwide Community Director for the Asterisk project (the most popular Open Source communications platform on the planet)!

Nothing pains me more than seeing amazing people, teams, leaders, products and services not making progress into their rightful place in the world…

My mission is to banish lackluster presentations that lose sales, scupper deals, and sink morale. I’m dedicated to empowering geeks everywhere with the tools and techniques they need to rise to their potential, engage clients, leave a lasting impression AND clinch great deals.

Let’s do this!


I have never felt so composed or confident while giving presentations since David coached me.

Allison Smith, CEO, The IVR Voice

David’s style made me learn to have fun with public speaking instead of viewing it as something to fear, and led to a lot of student interaction with marked improvements in student performance throughout the class.

Michelle Flemming, General Counsel, Bell Techlogix, Inc. 

David provided training to my technical sales team and delivered an excellent, thought provoking and performance-enhancing course. The material was delivered in a practical, engaging and fun way and without doubt improved the skills of my team. I would recommend David to anybody.

Maston Daniel, Head of Commercial, Netcall

David has knack of taking a complex subject and simplifying as much as it needs, and no further, which is extremely helpful when trying to digest wholly new concepts.

John Holroyd Manager, IT Support, Europe at Aramex

A gifted and talented trainer. Any Presenter could follow the example of his teaching methods and his unwavering enthusiasm. David is the best! 

Cédric Schmickrath, IT Systems Administrator, Province de Luxembourg


We all know there’s a world of difference between technical proficiency and the ability to effectively communicate that knowledge:

“Pre-Sales Presentation Mastery” was specifically designed to bridge the gap between technical brilliance and captivating communication… to take your team members from nervous, anxious presenters, lacking in confidence, sounding monotonous and roboticto delivering yawn-free presentations with confidence and clarity (ultimately leading to better customer relationships, plus more closed sales and deals). 🎉

Imagine a future where someone from your team steps into a room, onto a stage, or joins a virtual meeting… with unwavering confidence. Picture them delivering presentations that leave clients in awe, creating a lasting impact that translates into tangible business outcomes. With Geek Presentation Mastery Training, you can turn this vision into a reality.

This 10 step, easy-to-implement presentation system was distilled from over two decades of experience, designed especially for technical people, enabling them to consistently deliver amazing demos and presentations that engage potential buyers, and help move clients and stakeholders to ‘Yes!’

Through a combination of core presentation skills training, hands-on continuity and implementation guidance (tailored to their SPECIFIC challenges and circumstances), plus bonus sessions covering important concepts like conference speaking tips and quick wins with existing presentations…

…this program provides a complete, holistic and tailored approach to uplevel your techies’ presentation abilities to turn your team into a powerful and highly valued resource to predictably win more deals and close more sales.

Yep, it’s time to say “Hasta la vista, Baby!” to awkward presentations that fail to impress.

Pre-Sales Presentation Mastery will give your tech team the know-how they need to engage techy AND non-technical decision-makers alike, convey complex information with clarity, and leave a lasting impact on clients and stakeholders.


The program is divided into two essential parts:

A Core 10-part training framework that delivers the insights, tools and knowledge your people need to make great presentations.

A 10-week virtual implementation support program that ensures all concepts are fully integrated into real-life outcomes and results.

The training and implementation sessions are scheduled to provide the most powerful learning experience according to the needs of your group.

For example, the training framework can be delivered over two live, in-person training days, with the follow-up implementation/coaching sessions happening virtually over subsequent 10 weeks.

Alternately, the program can be delivered as fully online. In this instance with the training sessions might be held on Mondays, for example, with the implementation sessions taking place on Wednesdays.

Either way, this gives attendees time to absorb and reflect on the new information, then come to the implementation session with their questions prepared and aligned to their specific real world challenges.

It’s entirely up to you and the requirements of your team.

*Group numbers are capped at eight, to ensure that David gives each attendee all the personal support, advice and feedback they need to become confident presenters, primed and ready to help get more deals across the line.

Ready to turn YOUR team into pre-sales presentation pros?

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