Meet David Duffet

Hi, I’m David Duffet! I’m a geek who has been publicly speaking and teaching other geeks how to deliver awesome presentations for 25+ years… from London to Los Angeles, Berlin to Beirut, Kingston to Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai to Melbourne, and beyond!

I’m proud to have earned the trust and respect of clients and industry professionals worldwide-and also honored to have been the longest serving Worldwide Community Director for the Asterisk project (the most popular Open Source communications platform on the planet)!

Nothing pains me more than seeing amazing people, teams, leaders, products and services not making progress into their rightful place in the world…

My mission is to banish lackluster presentations that lose sales, scupper deals, and sink morale. I’m dedicated to empowering geeks everywhere with the tools and techniques they need to rise to their potential, engage clients, leave a lasting impression AND clinch great deals.

Let’s do this!


Here’s what clients say about David…

An outstanding trainer, careful well thought out lessons providing plenty of usage scenarios and hands on experience. David has a knack for taking a complex subject and simplifying as much as it needs, and no further, which is extremely helpful when trying to digest wholly new concepts.

John Holroyd, IT Support Manager, Aramex

David provided training to my technical sales team and delivered an excellent, thought provoking and performance-enhancing course. The material was delivered in a practical, engaging and fun way and without doubt improved the skills of my team. I would recommend David to anybody.

Maston Daniel, Sales Manager, Netcall Plc

A gifted and talented trainer. I had the chance to participate in the official Asterisk course in Belgium. His knowledge, how to give courses and his enthusiasm makes David a trainer of great value. Any teacher could follow the example of his teaching methods and his unwavering enthusiasm. I had the opportunity to meet many trainers in my career.
David is the best!

Cédric Schmickrath, IT Systems Administrator, Province de Luxembourg

His teaching style made me learn to have fun with public speaking instead of viewing it as something to fear. In addition to turning speaking into something that was enjoyable, he taught us techniques to use to make sure the audience attending the presentation would benefit from having done so.

David’s teaching style led to a lot of student interaction and marked improvements in student performance throughout the class. Also, I left the class with plenty of take away tips on public speaking that I still use to this day. I highly recommend contacting David if your job involves giving presentations to customers or clients.

Michelle Fleming, General Counsel, Digium, Inc.