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Win More Business with Powerful Presentations & Demos!

with David Duffett

There is a MASSIVE difference between knowing what you are talking about and the ability to communicate that knowledge and experience to others!

Being able to clearly and confidently communicate with an audience (some of whom may be non-technical) is vital for success.

Too many…

  • Teams are left demotivated
  • Ideas rejected
  • Sales lost
  • Pay raises missed
  • Promotions lost
  • Job interviews failed
  • Venture Capital cash injections lost

…all because of a failure to communicate with passion and power.

Imagine how different things would be if your techies could:

    • Confidently engage with potential buyers and decision-makers, leaving them impressed and eager to invest
    • Lean into their expertise, feeling strong, confident and valued… part of a vibrant, cohesive, and highly motivated team
    • Become presentation proswell-known within the industry, regularly bringing in kudos and opportunities that drive your whole organization forward

    • Deliver captivating and persuasive presentations like clockwork, in a way that resonates and effortlessly closes deals

    Hi, I’m David Duffett…

    For more than 25 years I have organised conferences, delivered training, conference speeches and keynotes globally – all within the technical sphere.

    Through seven powerful Protocols, I’ve enabled professionals within technical industries go from nervous, anxious presenters, lacking in confidence and sounding monotonous and robotic to delivering yawn-free presentations with confidence and clarity – ultimately leading to better customer relationships and more sales.


    “I have never felt so composed or confident while giving presentations since David coached me.

    Allison Smith, CEO, The IVR Voice

    “The training was delivered in a practical, engaging and fun way and without doubt improved the skills of my team.”

    Maston Daniel, Head of Commercial, Netcall

    “David’s style made me learn to have fun with public speaking instead of viewing it as something to fear, and led to a lot of student interaction with marked improvements in student performance throughout the class.”

    Michelle Flemming, General Counsel, Bell Techlogix, Inc.

    “David has knack of taking a complex subject and simplifying as much as it needs, and no further, which is extremely helpful when trying to digest wholly new concepts.”

    John Holroyd Manager, IT Support, Europe at Aramex

    “A gifted and talented trainer. Any Presenter could follow the example of his teaching methods and his unwavering enthusiasm. David is the best! It was a great pleasure to meet him.”

    Cédric Schmickrath, IT Systems Administrator, Province de Luxembourg

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